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 26.06.2004 we Offer pipes and fitings from polypropylene for systems of cold, hot water supply and heating. The basic advantages of pipes from polypropylene are high durability, temperature constancy, ease of installation and the low price.

 17.01.2005 Reduction of price for flanges of GOST 12820-80

 17.01.2005 Reduction of price for elbows of GOST 17375-83

From 21.01.2005 till 29.01.2005 the site did not work for technical reasons, we apologize.

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 Welcome to a site of company SONREX. We are glad to welcome you on our page.

 If you are engaged of installation, a complete set or operation of pipelines, this resource for you.

 Here you can pick up necessary for you valves - latches, shutters, gates, valves, cranes spherical, and so details of pipelines flanges steel, steel elbows, transitions, tees, fitings, linings. If you have not found that that is necessary for you in prices can make the order by phone: +7(095) 5146875 or to dump on e-mail We accept applications for valves of foreign manufacture, at us direct deliveries from Germany, France, Finland, Israel.

 On a site the bulletin board where you can place the offers on sale or purchase of pipes, pipeline valves, pumps and so forth Works

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